IT Support Service for Business

In business, your office IT systems need to be stable, reliable, secure, and efficient. Our experienced staff keeps your systems running smoothly. We offer tailored solutions to meet the needs of SMB. Following is the core area of services we provided. Please contact us to explore more services that we can provide to meet your needs.

Maintenance & Technical Support

Your IT systems need regular maintenance in order to prevent and fix any problems in its early stage. Our maintenance plans are tailored to your needs. We provide technical support to your users and monitor the health of your systems and update patches when required.

System / Server Administration

We administer web servers, FTP servers, DNS servers, DHCP servers, file server, print servers, mail servers, Windows server, Linux server, database servers, etc that support your day to day business. Whether you want o add a user account, a printer or a new system to you existing system, we can do it for you quickly.


Did you ever encounter problems in accessing a network resource or not able to browse the Internet? Do you need to access your office resources while you are on the road? We could analyze your network problems and have it fixed. We can also build virtual private network (VPN) that allows authenticated users to access office resource securely while away.


Do you have a firewall in place to protect your network, servers and systems from external attacks such as hackers? We can set up and configure firewall system and rules to protect your company systems and network.

Anti-Virus / Spyware:

Computer viruses and spywares can cause loss of important data and information. Anti-virus software combined with anti-spyware protects business network against viruses, spyware, adware, Trojans, spam, and unwanted applications. Business networks need this kind of software to keep valuable data from being compromised.

Email monitoring:

We’ll install an intelligent engine that scans incoming and outgoing email correspondence and offers customized protections for the file server and all workstations. You are protected from accidental or deliberate loss of trade secrets, sensitive documents, and client information.


EiTSBD uses a variety of secure firewalls to protect your network from viruses and malicious intruders. Your email is verified as virus free and attachments are prevented from being opened until they are scanned and virus checked. There’s little chance that unwanted trespassers will gain entry into your databases and private files.


EiTSBD creates secure connectivity for remote access. Whether you work on your laptop from your home office, from a hotel room on the road, or from your workstation desk, EiTSBD will design a secure authentication solution.

Spam protection:

EiTSBD, our anti-virus/anti-spam solution, acts as a shield for companies small and large who are being inundated with spam, viruses, and other malicious outside threats. The solution is scalable, fully redundant, and eliminates 99% of spam and 100% of email viruses.

Infrastructure Management:

Why do you need an internal IT support when it is not absolutely necessary? We could be your virtual IT department and manage your information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure. We will provide service on requirements analysis, planning, design, deployment and ongoing operations management and technical support that meet your needs.

Business Continuity:

When system failure or disaster happens, you need to have your business operation back to normal quickly. IT disaster recovery plan would minimize the impact to your business.

Backup and Recovery:

Data backup is important to ensure that you could restore the data back to an earlier state when mistakes happen or software / hardware failure. You need to back up your data into a tape drive, an external hard drive or an optical disc regularly.


Redundancy means that a duplicate of your system or data is running or is kept parallel. When one copy is failed, another copy is taking place. This keeps you data or system highly available with minimal disruption to your business.

Why Choose IT Consulting

  • Quick and easy access to the ever increasing volume of power, data and telecom services found within a modern building.

  • The underfloor void or cavity depth is often used as a large duct for HVAC systems

  • In speculative buildings premises need to be adaptable for the needs of incoming occupiers.

  • Accessibility is a major consideration. People want easy access to the services for maintenance, rerouting or upgrading with as little disruption as possible to the work process.

  • Once occupied offices need to cater for office Churn and lend themselves to new office organizations and layouts with the redirection of services that implies.

Frequently Asked Question!

What is a raised access floor system?

A raised access floor comprises of load bearing floor panels laid in a horizontal grid supported by adjustable vertical pedestals to provide an under floor space for the housing and distribution of services. The floor panels are readily removable to allow quick access to the under floor services.

Are the panels fully interchangeable?

With Raised Floor Systems Ltd’s range of products the panel is designed to be fully interchangeable with any other panel in the range.

Can the system be earthed?

All floors are electrically continuous and can be fully earthed in accordance with the current edition of the IEE regulations. Earthing terminals are provided to 1 No pedestal per 10m squared.

Will the floors take floor coverings?

There are few constraints on the type of covering which can be used. We can supply and fit a wide range in vinyl, lino or carpet. Samples with full technical details are available on request. Alternatively, we can leave the finished floors uncovered enabling the panels to receive loose lay carpets that can be supplied and fitted by ourselves.

Can I fit a raised access floor myself if you sell me the relevant components?

We can supply components for repair and replacement of many types of raised floor.
Services list, supply and installation of raised floor, supply and installation of floor finishes, handrails, maintenance and servicing of raised flooring, refurbishment, upgrading, site reports

How do I know what type of raised floor I need?

Access floors play a number of different roles in today’s high tech environment and it is important to identify the proposed function of your installation. A key point is that a floor void in a busy comms room or data center will need to be accessed almost daily while a floor in a general office area will only need to be lifted occasionally and will normally be covered in loose lay carpet tiles. Please have a look at the various products we offer to identify the best solution for your project.